Electromagnetic sheet metal bending machine Magnabend Large size Customizable 4M 5M 6M

Superior clamping force along with unquestionable build quality leaves no question that this is the only choice for you! Bends all types of sheet metal, aluminium, copper, stainless steel and much greater versatility than conventional sheetmetal benders. Typical industries: Roofing, Aircraft, General Sheet Metal Fabrication.

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New powered folding apron Electromagnetic sheetmetal folding machines To suit: roofing, aircraft, general sheet metal fabrication and training colleges Electromagnetic clamping Suitable for all sheetmetal, aluminium, copper and stainless folding Perfect for deep forming of channels, closed sections and all those hard to do folds All models supplied with short bar clamp and slotted clamp bar sets


New powered folding apron Calibrated back stop Full length bar, slotted bar, segmented sections & thin bar Foot pedal clamping Storage tray Operation manual – video available

Technical Data Snap-Shot

3200mm x 1.2mm bending capacity New powered folding apron Superior 10 Ton clamping force Shipping dimensions – 3410mm x 1000mm x1000mm =3.41 m2 Power – 240Volt 1Phase – 15Amp Approx weight: 550kg NEW GENERATION BENDING! - Electromagnetic sheet metal folding machine Bends all types of sheet metal, aluminium, copper, stainless steel for Typical industries: Roofing, Aircraft, General Sheet Metal Fabrication 6 Tonne Clamping Force (with standard full-length clamp bar) Electromagnetic rather than mechanical clamping Excellent design easy to use - forming deep channels and closed sections, deep boxes Much greater versatility than conventional sheet metal benders No limitation to depth of boxes Can form deep channels, and completely closed sections Automatic clamping and unclamping means faster operation, less fatigue Quick and accurate sliding angle guide on bending arm Infinite length bending in stages is possible Accurate and continuous indication of beam angle Open ended design allows folding of complex shapes Machines can be ganged end-to-end for long bending Adapts easily to customised tooling (clamp bars of special cross-sections) Includes foot control, full length narrow, slotted & segmented clamp bars Mild steel capacity is rated on hot rolled material with 250MPA

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