96in pneumatic electromagnetic magnetic sheetmetal box and pan brake Magnabend 1250E

Folding length 1250 mm Maximum thickness 1.6 mm Motor power 240 kw/V Dimensions (l x w x h) 1500 mm x 310 mm x 390 mm Weight (nt) 160 kg

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Superior clamping force along with unquestionable build quality leaves. Bends all types of sheet metal, aluminium, copper, stainless steel and much greater versatility than conventional sheetmetal benders. Typical industries: Roofing, Aircraft, General Sheet Metal FabricationFeatures. Electromagnetic sheetmetal folding machines. To suit: roofing, aircraft, general sheet metal fabrication and training colleges Electromagnetic clamping Manual fold Suitable for all sheetmetal, aluminium, copper and stainless folding Perfect for deep forming of channels, closed sections and all those hard to do folds Foot pedal control on MB1250E ~ MB3200E only All models supplied with short bar clamp and slotted clamp bar setsIncludes Calibrated back stop Full length bar, slotted bar, segmented sections & thin bar Foot pedal clamping Storage tray Operation manual – video availableTechnical Data Snap-Shot 1250mm x 1.6mm bending capacity JDC BEND is an electromagnetic sheet metal brake equipped with electric magnetic upper prism for versatile use. The detachable upper jaw is made without hinges and you attach it with a strong electrical magnet, whose fastening power amounts to an incredible 6 tons! This makes it possible to manufacture fully closed containers and almost without height restrictions. The machine comes with two full-length upper prisms and a segmented prism. The machine's standard equipment includes a foot pedal used for the magnetic clutch. The same can be done with the control buttons integrated into the frame. The sturdy steel frame can withstand use. The fastening force is evenly distributed over the entire process, so compared to a regular sheet metal brake, the bending in the middle is also 100% accurate without separate adjustment. With this machine you can bend iron, steel, aluminum and plastic, among others. The machine is equipped a rear appropriation, and with a box for tools and spare parts. The handle has an adjustable and lockable angle measure.

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